Internet safety for children and young people: national action plan

Refreshed action plan on internet safety for children and young people to ensure appropriate training, support and information is in place.


We have worked closely across the Scottish Government with Child Protection, Digital Participation, Cyber Resilience, Support and Wellbeing within the Learning Directorate and Education Scotland. We have also ensured third sector organisations including YouthLink Scotland, Young Scot, NSPCC, Barnardos, respect me and Police Scotland have been involved in the development of this action plan.

In a series of workshops we developed and agreed long term, intermediate and contributory outcomes to help inform the actions that are set out in the plan. These outcomes are set out at Annex C This action plan is set out under the five intermediate outcomes, which are:

  • Every child and young person has an age appropriate and evolving understanding of the opportunities and risks which exist in the online world
  • Every parent/carer is equipped to guide and support their children's online activity
  • Wider society plays a role in enhancing internet safety for children and young people
  • Children and young people who have suffered, or are at risk of, abuse are identified and supported
  • Potential perpetrators are deterred from committing abuse online

The following sections of this action plan set out what the Scottish Government and its partners are currently doing in regards to child internet safety, under each of the above outcomes, and what actions we intend to take over the next four years. We will publish a progress report in 2019 which will consider the progress made and may set out further actions that will reflect the rapid evolution of online technologies and our need to ensure we respond appropriately. Further to the work referred to in this action plan Annex D provides a list of additional resources on internet safety for children and young people.


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