Mother and Baby Unit Family Fund: terms and conditions

The Mother and Baby Unit Family Fund (MBUFF) is designed to help partners/ fathers/ main carers, in addition to existing children up to school leaving age (16) offset the cost of traveling to and from a regional Mother and Baby Unit.

6. What expenses can be claimed

6.1 Transport

Partners are expected to use the most cost effective, reasonable means of transport. Claims will be reimbursed at the prevailing mileage rate* per mile for up to one return car journey per day for each partner/ father/ main carer/ existing children, when they are travelling to the hospital separately on the same day. If travelling together, only one return journey should be claimed. [OR]

Public transport costs should be reimbursed in full for up to one return journey per day for each Partner and children on production of receipts. Standard class travel can be reclaimed upon production of receipts.

*The rate of reimbursement is based on the HMRC fuel advisory rate for a petrol engine 1400cc to 2000cc.This can be found at:

The reimbursement rate for each financial year will be determined by the advisory fuel rate from 1 March each year for the year ahead. The rates can go down as well as up.

6.2 Parking

Car parking is free at both Mother and NHS Lothian (St John's MBU) and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (West of Scotland MBU, Leverndale).

6.3 Taxi Fares

Travel by taxi should be seen as last resort and reimbursement will only be considered in certain circumstances, e.g. no public transport availability or subject to a Partner or child's medical condition. Taxi travel must be approved by clinical staff prior to journey.

Where approved, taxi travel will be reimbursed in full on the submission of receipts for one return journey per day.

6.4 Flights

Air travel should only be considered where it is cheaper than other forms of transport or where other forms of transport are not reasonable (e.g. island to mainland travel). Flights must be approved by NHS Board prior to travel.

Approved flights are limited to a maximum of one return journey by air per week for each partner and child.

6.5 Meals and Subsistence

Claims for meals may be made by one of the following means:

A flat rate contribution of £8.50 per person, per day for food and non-alcoholic beverages will be issued. This may be purchased outside of hospital grounds.


Meals may be directly provided free of charge by the hospital (e.g. staff canteen or patient meals) up to a maximum of three meals per day.

Further detail of provision within your hospital will be provided locally. No receipts are required for the purposes of being reimbursed meal costs.

6.6 Accommodation

If accommodation is required, a contribution to reasonable overnight accommodation costs will be reimbursed, for one room only, per night. This will be included in overall £500 limit. Reasonable is defined as the most cost effective accommodation available.



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