Mother and Baby Unit Family Fund: terms and conditions

The Mother and Baby Unit Family Fund (MBUFF) is designed to help partners/ fathers/ main carers, in addition to existing children up to school leaving age (16) offset the cost of traveling to and from a regional Mother and Baby Unit.

3. Principles

The following principles will be applied when reimbursing expenses claims:

a) MBUFF is designed to provide a contribution towards the cost of visiting a mother and baby and may not meet the full cost of all travel and subsistence during this time.

b) The maximum claim that partners/ fathers/ main carers (hereafter referred to as 'Partners and children'), in addition to existing children up to school leaving age (16) is £500 in total. This will include claims for reasonable accommodation, travel expenses and a flat rate contribution of £8.50 per person, per day for food and non-alcoholic beverages.

c) Partners/ fathers/ main carers and existing children up to school leaving age of an eligible family should make a maximum of one travel claim and one subsistence claim per day, per person for those travelling. Children must remain in the care of the visitor, or mother if she is capable, at all times.

d) Claims can be submitted incrementally during an on-going MBU stay (e.g. weekly) or in full for the entire stay, up to three months, following discharge, from 1 April 2020.

e) Partners and children are expected to use the most cost effective, reasonable means of transport, taking into account the overall cost of the trip.

f) Final judgement as to the most reasonable mode of travel rests with the NHS Board. It is the claimant's responsibility to check in advance of travel if they are in any doubt.

g) Only actual expenditure should be claimed. Claiming expenses that have not been incurred is fraud, and action will be taken against anyone submitting fraudulent claims.

h) Evidence in the form of receipts or bank statements showing itemised expenditure should be kept and produced for all public transport and accommodation. No receipts are required for food and non-alcoholic beverages.



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