Mother and Baby Unit Family Fund: terms and conditions

The Mother and Baby Unit Family Fund (MBUFF) is designed to help partners/ fathers/ main carers, in addition to existing children up to school leaving age (16) offset the cost of traveling to and from a regional Mother and Baby Unit.

Appendix 1: Definitions

Woman The eligible woman within MBU care receiving treatment.

Partner – Partner, Father or main carer

Children – Children up to the age of 16

Journey A journey consists of travel from home address or place of current residence to an MBU to home address/ residence. This may include multiple parts or multiple forms of transport.

Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) – Inpatient perinatal mental health care for mothers and babies – currently located in NHS Lothian (St John's) and NHS GGC (Leverndale). It does not include transitional care.



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