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The modern outpatient: a collaborative approach 2017-2020

Published: 8 Sep 2017
Health Performance and Delivery Directorate
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Health and social care

Healthcare strategy providing opportunities for transformation which improves efficiency and puts individuals at the heart of their own care.

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The modern outpatient: a collaborative approach 2017-2020
Annex 3: Primary Care Vision and Outcome Framework

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Annex 3: Primary Care Vision and Outcome Framework

National Outcomes

  • Our children have the best start in life and are ready to succeed
  • We live longer healthier lives
  • Our people are able to maintain their independence as they get older
  • Our public services are high quality, continually improving, efficient and responsive
  • We start well
  • We live well
  • We age well

Primary Care Vision

  • Our vision is of general practice and primary care at the heart of the healthcare system.
  • People who need care will be more informed and empowered will access the right person at the right time and will remain at or near home wherever possible.
  • Muiltidisciplinary teams will deliver care in communities and be involved in the strategic planning of our services.

Health And Social Care Partnerships ( HSCP) Outcomes

  • People can look after own health
  • Live at home or homely setting
  • Positive experience of services
  • Services improve quality of life
  • Services mitigate inequalities
  • Carers supported to improve health
  • People using services safe from harm
  • Engaged workforce improving care
  • Efficient resource use

HSCP Outcomes

  • We are more informed and empowered when using primary care
  • Our primary care services better contribute to improving population health
  • Our experience as patients in primary care is enhanced
  • Our primary care workforce is expanded, more integrated and better co-ordinated with community and secondary care
  • Our primary care infrastructure - physical and digital - is improved
  • Primary care better addresses health inequalities


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