Short Scottish secure tenancy (grounds unrelated to antisocial behaviour): model agreement 2019

Revised model agreement for short Scottish secure tenancies created on grounds unrelated to antisocial behaviour on or after 1 May 2019.

2. Model Short Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement (For Tenancies Created On Grounds Unrelated To Antisocial Behaviour On Or After 1 May 2019)


1. Introduction

2. Use Of The House And The Common Parts And Telling Us About Changes To Who Is Living In Your Home

3. Respect For Others

4. Subletting, Assignation, Joint Tenancy And Exchange Of Your Tenancy

5. Repairs, Maintenance, Improvements And Alterations

6. Ending The Tenancy

7. Information And Consultation

8. Complaints

9. General Provisions

Model Short Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement (Grounds Unrelated to Antisocial Behaviour)

By virtue of schedule 6 (other than paragraph 1,2 or 2A) of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001


Email: Pauline Brice

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