Short Scottish secure tenancy (grounds unrelated to antisocial behaviour): model agreement 2019

Revised model agreement for short Scottish secure tenancies created on grounds unrelated to antisocial behaviour on or after 1 May 2019.

7 Information And Consultation

7.1 You are entitled under the General Data Protection Regulation to access personal data we hold on you in our housing files. We will provide you with a copy of any such information we hold within one calendar month of your request. You may have other rights under the General Data Protection Regulation in relation to your personal data, which we will honour. You are entitled to check information you have provided in connection with your housing application free of charge.

7.2 [We will publish an annual report on our housing management performance which you may obtain from us on request.] We will give you information about our complaints procedure.

7.3 On request, we will provide you with information relating to:

  • the terms of your tenancy;
  • our policy and procedures on setting rent and service charges;
  • our policy and rules about:
    • admission to the housing list;
    • allocations;
    • transfers of tenants between houses;
    • exchanges of houses between our tenants and tenants of other landlords;
    • repairs and maintenance;
    • our tenant participation strategy;
    • our arrangements for taking decisions about housing management and services.

7.4 We will consult you about making or changing:

  • policies regarding housing management, repairs and maintenance if the proposal is likely to significantly affect you;
  • proposals for changes in rent and service charges where they affect all or a class of tenants (and you are to be affected);
  • proposals for the sale or transfer of your house to another landlord;
  • decisions about the information to be provided relating to our standards of housing management and performance;
  • performance standards or targets in relation to housing management repairs and maintenance;
  • our tenant participation strategy.

We will take into account any views that you have before making a final decision. Any consultation with you will include giving you comprehensive information in an accessible form and reasonable time to express views.


Email: Pauline Brice

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