Short Scottish secure tenancy (antisocial behaviour related grounds): model agreement 2019

Revised model agreement for short Scottish secure tenancies created on antisocial behaviour related grounds on or after 1 May 2019.

6. Extension of the Tenancy

6.1 In certain circumstance we are able to extend this tenancy by a further 6 months. To do so we must serve a notice on you at least 2 months before the termination date in paragraph 1.4 to inform you that the tenancy will be extended by 6 months and set out the reasons we are extending the tenancy.

6.2 Where we serve notice in this way this tenancy will continue as a short Scottish secure tenancy and will not convert to a Scottish secure tenancy until the expiry of the further 6 month period.

6.3 The tenancy can only be extended once and at the end of the 6 month extension period the tenancy will automatically convert to a Scottish secure tenancy unless you or we have ended the tenancy in one of the ways described in Part 7 of this Agreement.


Email: Pauline Brice

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