MGSA Science & Research Working Group - Aquaculture Science & Research Strategy

MGSA S&RWG was tasked to produce a comprehensive research strategy prioritised on respective contribution to informing the sustainable growth of the Scottish aquaculture industry and potential impacts of the 2020 sustainable production targets as detailed

Annex 02 : List of consultees invited to comment on the strategy

The following consultees were invited to comment upon the draft MGSA Science and Research Strategy document. Not all consultees provided responses and whilst the authors of the document may have amended some sections in response to consultees comments, the content of the final version of the document should not necessarily be considered as being endorsed by these individuals.

1 st Round of Consultees

MGSA Chairs and Policy Leads

Steve Bracken (Marine Harvest)
Iain Sutherland ( HIE)
Charlotte Wright ( HIE)
Randolf Richards (University of Stirling)
Jimmy Turnbull (University of Stirling)
Lauren Ferrari (Scottish Government)
Jeff Gibbons (Scottish Government)
Stephen Cameron (Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group)

2 nd Round Consultees

Containment WG

Steve Bracken (Marine Harvest Scotland)
David Bassett ( BTA)
Iain Macintyre (The Scottish Salmon Co)
Iain Sime ( SNH)
Ishbel Crawford ( LANTRA)
Jamie Smith ( SSPO)
Douglas Sinclair ( SEPA)
John Offord (Gaelforce)
Jamie Young (Gaelforce)
Peter Davies (Telford Institute, Dundee)
Reay White (Scottish Sea Farms)
Ron Smith (Marine Scotland - FHI)
Steven Divers (Fusion Marine)
Rhuaridh Edwards (Fusion Marine)
Roger Dehany (Knox Nets)
Tom Macrae (Sunderland Marine)
Dawn Purchase ( MCS) representing Scottish Environment Link
Alan Wells ( ASFB) representing wildfish interests
Douglas Sinclair ( SEPA)
Ian Walker (Marine Scotland)
Stuart Middlemas (Marine Scotland - Science)
Ron Smith (Marine Scotland - Science)
Jeff Gibbons (Marine Scotland)
Paul Haddon (Marine Scotland)

Wellboats WG

Jimmy Turnbull (University of Stirling)
Catriona Graham (Marine Scotland)
Charles Allan (Marine Scotland)
Mike Bland (Marine Scotland)
John Webster ( SSPO)
Tony Boyd (Marine Harvest)
Mark Woods (Loch Duart)
Willie McCosh (Scottish Salmon Company)
John Rae (Scottish Sea Farms)
Grant Cummings (Hjaltland)
Hugh Murray (Migdale Transport)
Roger Halsbakk (Solvtrans, Norway)
Jan Leikanger (Solvtrans, Norway)
Petter Gunnarstein (Fosnavaag Shipping, Norway)
Svein Martin Saele (Aquastar, Norway)
Gibby Clark (North Isles Marine)
David Leask (Island Innovations)
Dave Cockerill (Marine Harvest)
John Barrington (Scottish Sea Farms)
Ian Armstrong (Nevis Marine)
Colin Blair (Meridian)
Alan Dykes (Scottish salmon Company - left company since first meeting)

Interactions WG

New Chair - TBC
Alex Adrian (The Crown Estate)
Scott Landsburgh ( SSPO)
Phil Thomas ( SSPO)
David Bassett ( BTA)
Alan Wells ( ASFB)
Chris Horrill ( RAFTS)
Jim Gallagher (Scottish Sea Farms)
Nick Lake ( ASSG CEO)
Carole Barker-Munro (Marine Scotland)
Alastair Mitchell (Marine Scotland)
Jeff Gibbons (Secretariat - Marine Scotland)

Farmed Fish Health & Welfare WG

Randolph Richards (University of Stirling)
Kate Smith (Marine Scotland - Head of Aquaculture Health and Welfare)
Lauren Ferrari (Marine Scotland)
Rob Raynard (Marine Scotland)
Charles Allan (Marine Scotland)
Sandy Murray (Marine Scotland)
Andrew Voas (Animal Health and Welfare)
Colin Macaldowie ( DCVO Animal Health and Welfare)
John Webster ( SSPO)
Tom Turnbull (Scottish Sea Farms)
David Sandison (Shetland Aquaculture)
Dave Cockerill (Marine Harvest)
Chris Matthews (Fish Vet Group)
David Bassett ( BTA)
Douglas Sinclair ( SEPA)

Shellfish WG

TBC Chair
Lauren Ferrari (Marine Scotland)
Stephen Cameron ( SSMG)
David Attwood (Loch Fyne)
Alex Adrian (Crown Estate)
Michael Tait ( SSMG)
Craig Burton (Seafood Scotland)
David Donnan ( SNH)
David Fell ( SI Seafarms)
Douglas Sinclair ( SEPA)
Hazel McLeod ( SEPA)
Iain MacKinnon (Argyll and Bute Council)
Iain Sutherland (HiE)
Mark Steward (Argyll and Bute Planning)
Jennifer Howie (Food Standards Agency Scotland)
Iveta Matejusova (Marine Scotland)
Andy Mayes (Marine Scotland)
David Fraser (Marine Scotland)
Joyce Carr (water Environment)
Ruth Henderson (Seafood Shetland)
Adam Hughes ( SAMS)
Fiona Garner (Scottish Water)

Capacity WG

Charlotte Wright - HIE (Chairwoman)
Catriona Graham (Marine Scotland)
Matt Gubbins (Marine Scotland Science)
Alan Balfour (Loch Duart)
Alex Adrian (Crown Estate)
Cameron Sutherland ( SDI)
David Sandison (Shetland Aquaculture)
Dougie Hunter (Marine Harvest)
Douglas Sinclair ( SEPA)
Ian Michie (Youngs Seafood)
Mark Steward (Argyll and Bute Council)
Rebecca Dean (Scottish Salmon Company)
Scott Landsburgh ( SSPO)
Sheena Warnock (Scottish Sea Farms)
David Attwood (Loch Fyne Oysters)
David Bassett (British Trout Association)
Stephen Cameron (Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group)
Suzanne Henderson ( SNH)
Michael Tait (Shetland rep)


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