Mental health and wellbeing strategy: consultation

We want to hear your views on what a new mental health and wellbeing strategy for Scotland should look like. We have asked a series of questions, and your answers to these will help us write the final strategy.

Questions – Part 16

Solutions to our Current and Future Workforce Challenges

To support our ongoing recovery from COVID-19, and address the current and future challenges for our services and workforce, we would like your views on how we can best respond.

16.1 How do we make the best use of qualified specialist professionals to meet the needs of those who need care and treatment?

16.2 How do we grow the workforce, in particular increasing the capacity for prevention and early intervention, which enables individual needs to be recognised and addressed in a timely, appropriate manner?

16.3 How do we protect the capacity for specialised and complex care roles in areas like forensic mental health?

16.4 How do we widen the workforce to fully integrate the contribution of non-professionals and experts by experience, including peer support workers without sacrificing quality of care?

16.5 How do we support a more inclusive approach to workforce planning, recognising that many different workers and services provide mental health and wellbeing support?

16.6 With increasing demand on mental health services, how do we prioritise creating capacity for re-designing services to better manage the impacts of COVID-19, and other systemic pressures?

16.7 How do we better support and protect the wellbeing of those working in all parts of the system?



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