Mental health and wellbeing strategy: delivery plan 2023-2025

Mental health and wellbeing strategy delivery plan describing the work that we will undertake to improving mental health for everyone in Scotland covering the period 2023 to 2025.


This Delivery Plan sets out the actions that we will take to make progress towards the outcomes and priorities in our new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which was published on 29 June 2023. Like the Strategy, this Delivery Plan and our accompanying Workforce Action Plan are jointly owned by the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) and Scottish Government. This recognises the importance of local and national leadership, the role of the social determinants of mental health, and the importance of prevention and early intervention in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our communities. This is also reflected in the recent Audit Scotland report on Adult Mental Health.

The Strategy sets out our long-term commitment to improve the mental health and wellbeing of everyone in Scotland. Our vision is of a Scotland, free from stigma and inequality, where everyone fulfils their right to achieve the best mental health and wellbeing possible. It recognises that a highly effective mental health system must address all levels of need, from maintaining good mental wellbeing, to the support available in communities, to recognising and responding to the many underlying social determinants, circumstances and inequalities that can affect people’s mental health and wellbeing. The Strategy was developed with significant input from stakeholders, and people with lived experience, and this will continue to drive the work we do to realise the ambitions of this Strategy.



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