Mental health and wellbeing among adolescents in Scotland: profile and trends

Mental Health and Wellbeing among Adolescents in Scotland looks at trends and key associations for the mental health of boys and girls aged 13 and 15. The report found that friendships and a positive experience of school are the two things most closely aligned with mental wellbeing. Other factors include playing sport at least once a week, belonging to a club, expecting to go to university and reading books. Deprivation and poorer physical health both correlate with lower mental wellbeing.

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Carolyn Black and Chris Martin
MORI Scotland


An erratum was published on 16/06/2017 at Figure 2.9 on pdf page 16. The mean WEMWBS score for 13 year old girls in 2013 was 50.2 – the correct figure is 48.7.

The pdf and html have both been updated within the document to reflect these changes.


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