Coronavirus (COVID-19): mental health needs of hospitalised patients - report

Dr Nadine Cossette, liaison psychiatrist, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, was commissioned to examine mental health needs of patients hospitalised due to COVID-19. Her report contains analysis of need and recommendations for action to support recovery.


1. Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine Life after Critical Illness audit data, 2020

2. Funding should be linked to measurable outcomes – see Appendix A.

3. In order to rapidly fill these posts, the most appropriate person with relevant experience in each region should be recruited. Funds should be made available to backfill those seconded from other roles. The national implementation lead should be involved in selecting candidates for these posts. This report deliberately does not specify the discipline of these clinicians, but the role should be filled by senior, experienced clinicians, with broad experience of delivering mental health care including acute presentations, and experience working in physical health care environments. It may be that this mix of skills may best be met by more than one individual in some areas. Disciplines well suited for these posts may include liaison psychiatry, clinical health psychology, occupational therapy, and mental health nursing.

4. Screening measures in Appendix B.



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