Coronavirus (COVID-19): mental health needs of hospitalised patients - report

Dr Nadine Cossette, liaison psychiatrist, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, was commissioned to examine mental health needs of patients hospitalised due to COVID-19. Her report contains analysis of need and recommendations for action to support recovery.


In July 2020 Dr John Mitchell, then Scottish Government Mental Health Directorate Principal Medical Officer, commissioned the author to assist in the development of support for patients hospitalised due to COVID-19, particularly those who spent time in ICUs. The aim was to make practical recommendations for a focussed national care pathway for local interpretation to meet the mental health needs of people going through acute hospitals, with follow up as appropriate in the community.

This report specifically addresses the needs of patients hospitalised due to the virus in line with the original commission and given the particular circumstances experienced in a hospital setting. However much of the analysis and some of the recommendations will be equally relevant for patients treated in the community.

As of 22 September 2020, 4,347 patients had been discharged from hospital in Scotland for COVID, including approximately 570 from ICU.



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