Maternity and neonatal (perinatal) adverse event review process: guidance

Operational guidance to support health boards boards undertaking perinatal adverse event reviews incorporating the additional reporting required of maternity services.

Appendix C: Each Baby Counts definition of intrapartum stillbirth


Intrapartum stillbirth: when the baby was thought to be alive* at the start of labour but was born with no signs of life†.

This includes when:

  • labour was diagnosed by a healthcare professional. This includes the latent phase of labour, i.e. less than 4cm dilatation;
  • the mother called the unit to report any concerns of being in labour, for example (but not limited to) abdominal pains, contractions or suspected ruptured membranes;
  • the baby was thought to be alive at induction of labour;
  • the baby was thought to be alive following suspected or confirmed premature rupture of membranes (PROM).


* As assessed by any means, including but not limited to: pinard stethoscope, handheld Doppler, CTG, bedside ultrasound, assessment of fetal movements, or assumed to be alive without confirmation.

† Excludes babies that clearly died before labour (macerated stillbirth) if confirmed by post mortem.



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