Marine Fund Scotland 2023 to 2024: guidance

General guidance notes for applications to the Marine Fund Scotland 2023 to 2024.

Annex E – example project targets

Examples of the types of targets that may be relevant to projects applying to the Marine Fund Scotland 2023-24 include (but are not limited to):

  • reduction in carbon emissions
  • reduction in waste
  • number of new jobs created and/or new entrants to the sectors
  • number of jobs safeguarded
  • number of people attending a course
  • number of new businesses created
  • increase in net profit
  • increase in turnover
  • increase in production
  • increase in value of production (value added)
  • reduction in unwanted catch
  • number of visitors to/users of a project
  • reduction in accidents/injuries
  • increase in sales
  • achieving accreditation
  • amount of further funding attracted
  • new revenue streams created (i.e. diversification)
  • higher quality/standard achieved
  • increase in wellbeing



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