Making Scotland's future - a recovery plan for manufacturing: June 2021 - final

Final version of "Making Scotland's future - a recovery plan for manufacturing" following the 10-week consultation of a draft plan published in Dec 2020. This details a revised set of actions, established by industry, public sector, trade union and academia, to be taken forward by the end of 2021.

Scottish manufacturing in numbers

16 Scottish firms are manufacturing PPE and hand sanitiser, helping to tackle the Covid pandemic and creating jobs

Manufacturing exports were worth £30 billion and accounted for 61% of trade with EU1

Manufacturing was worth £12.5 billion in GVA to the economy1 and employed 169,000 people2

Manufacturing output contracted by 23.1% over the last year3

83% of manufacturing businesses applied to the furlough scheme

Manufacturing businesses across UK expect sales, investment and employment to all decrease over each of the next four quarters

Nearly half (47%) of all manufacturing businesses have reported a decrease in turnover as a result of Covid-194

1. 2018 figures
2. 2019 figures
3. 2019 Q2 vs 2020 Q2
4. Expected turnover vs actual turnover.

Sources: Scottish Government Quarterly GDP Index; Business Register and Employment Survey; Scottish Annual Business Statistics; Export Statistics Scotland; ONS Business Impacts of Coronavirus Survey (BICS) update for Wave 15 (5 and 18 Oct) published on 30 Oct 2020: Scotland level results. The manufacturing sector is defined by the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2007) section C. Bank of England: Monthly Decision Maker Panel data (Sept 2020).



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