Making Scotland's future - a recovery plan for manufacturing: June 2021 - final

Final version of "Making Scotland's future - a recovery plan for manufacturing" following the 10-week consultation of a draft plan published in Dec 2020. This details a revised set of actions, established by industry, public sector, trade union and academia, to be taken forward by the end of 2021.

Fair Work commitment

The manufacturing sector, its workers and those tasked with supporting them face the greatest challenge in generations. What began as a public health crisis has become a global economic crisis – growth has stalled, businesses have had to close and there have been many job losses with the likelihood of more to come. The pandemic has also highlighted, and in many cases worsened, the inequalities in our society, with those with the least before the crisis often worst affected by both the health and economic impacts.

That is why Fair Work is more important than ever and must be at the heart of our economic recovery and renewal. The Scottish Government's dedication to this agenda is long-standing and is shared by partners across the public, private and third sectors, trade unions and others who will help us develop and deliver this recovery plan. The principles of Fair Work will guide us collectively as we focus on the actions set out in this plan.



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