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Publication - Consultation analysis

Manufacturing recovery plan: consultation analysis – March 2021

Summary report presenting the findings to a consultation on - "Making Scotland's Future: A Recovery Plan for Manufacturing". In addition, Annex 1 within this document signposts to a range of public sector funded support initiatives and organisations available to help manufacturers.

24 Mar 2021
Manufacturing recovery plan: consultation analysis – March 2021


The document proposes a series of actions for public agencies, industry and academia to take forward as a partnership by the end of 2021. Its publication followed the report of the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery, which recommended that bespoke sector Recovery Plans are put in place.

Setting out a vision to secure a strong and sustainable future for the manufacturing sector, the Plan focuses on four inter-dependent priority areas: Collaboration and networks; Supply chains and competitiveness; Adaptation and transformation; and Skills and workforce.

The partnership worked at pace to develop a suite of actions focused on identifying opportunities for both recovery and growth, and complement the range of business support measures that have already been made available to help deliver long-term sustainability for the Scottish manufacturing sector. Work has begun on the immediate actions. Concurrently, the partnership sought rapid input from industry and other stakeholders on a list of proposed actions with an aim to refine the plans for delivery and to seek out ways to enhance outcomes.

Making Scotland’s Future: A Recovery Plan For Manufacturing was published for consultation on 4th December 2020. Following a request from sector stakeholders, the consultation period was extended by four weeks to accommodate the time needed by businesses to manage the impacts of the EU Exit. As a result, the consultation closed on 12th February 2021. The draft Plan is available at:

Next Steps

The Scottish Government and the Recovery Plan Partnership would like to thank everyone who has participated in this consultation. The responses received have varied significantly in depth and provide a wide range of opportunities for consideration on enhancing our actions.

As a result of this, and our decision to extend the consultation period, the publication of an updated Recovery plan will now take place in May 2021 following the Scottish Parliamentary Elections. As an interim response, the Partnership has agreed to provide this summary report. This is a factual representation of the consultation feedback and does not represent a formal commitment of action at this stage.

The Partnership is keen to ensure a thorough review of all feedback is completed and due deference is being taken of all suggestions received. The review process continues at pace in tandem with delivering progress on our immediate actions and commencing activity on the proposed actions whilst taking into consideration the feedback from the consultation responses.