Making the justice system better for victims: consultation - easy read

Easy read summary of proposals in our consultation on improving victims' experiences of the justice system.

Why some people think there should be a jury in serious sexual offence trials

  • it is better for a jury of 15 different people to make an important decision instead of one judge
  • a jury is fairer and people have confidence in their decision
  • being on a jury helps people have an important role in the justice system
  • it is better to do more to help jurors understand serious sexual offences than to not have juries
  • there is more diversity with a jury system
  • people being found not guilty in serious sexual offence cases might not be because of what jurors' think

It can be difficult to get evidence in these kinds of cases.

  • judges might have fixed ideas or beliefs and there is no one to challenge them

The Scottish Government would like to hear your views about juries in serious sexual offence cases.



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