Local Housing Strategy Guidance

Guidance for local authorities to assist in the preparation of Local Housing Strategies.

Annex A: LHS Statutory Requirements & Scottish Government Targets

Listed here are the statutory requirements of an LHS and the Scottish Government targets that an LHS should support:

Fuel Poverty

  • Strategy to be part of LHS
  • Target - to End Fuel poverty in Scotland, as far as is reasonably practicable, by 2016

House Condition (Section 10 of Housing (Scotland) Act 2006)

  • Housing Renewal Area Strategy
  • Below Tolerable Standard Policy
  • Scheme of Assistance

Homelessness - Housing (Scotland) Act 2001

  • Assessment of homelessness - extent and nature
  • Strategy for prevention and alleviating homelessness in LHS

Housing Support (Specialist Provision) - Housing (Scotland) Act 2001

  • Assessment of provision of housing and related services

Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009

  • Mitigation, adaptation and sustainability
  • 2020 Milestone

Consultation - Housing (Scotland) Act 2001

  • Involve, consult and engage with partners and communities as widely as possible


  • Comply with Section 106 of Housing (Scotland) Act 2001
  • Comply with Equality Act 2010


  • Minimum level of housing quality (including energy efficiency) by April 2015


  • Milestone set for 2020


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