Local Housing Strategy Guidance

Guidance for local authorities to assist in the preparation of Local Housing Strategies.

10. Private Rented Sector


10.1 The Private Rented Sector ( PRS) has undergone significant change in terms of the overall size of the sector and the tenant and landlord profile. ' A Place to Stay, A Place to Call Home: a Strategy for the Private Rented Sector in Scotland' was published in May 2013. It sets out a Scottish Government vision for: "a private rented sector that provides good quality homes and high management standards, inspires consumer confidence, and encourages growth through attracting increased investment".

10.2 Local authorities should reflect on the strategy's strategic aims when considering how best to meet the local demand for private rented accommodation and to ensure its quality. The strategic aims are:

  • To improve the quality of property management, condition and service
  • To deliver for tenants and landlords, meeting the needs of people living in the sector, consumers seeking accommodation; and landlords committed to continuous improvement
  • To enable growth, investment and help increase overall housing supply

LHS Considerations

a) Explain the relevant local issues including a description of the extent and location of the sector.

b) Set out a strategy for addressing issues about supply and quality in the PRS locally.

c) Include some detail of the powers/products that are being used to help households and landlords.

d) Ensure that any outcomes and actions set out in the LHS are robust and sufficient to tackle the issues identified.


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