Impact assessment in governments: literature review

This report reviews literature regarding five types of policy level impact assessments (environment, equity, health, regulatory, rural) in five countries (Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden & Wales). It was commissioned by the Scottish Government to inform their approach to impact assessment.

Appendix B. Information on impact assessment systems: sources of critical analyses

Ireland Netherlands New Zeal. Sweden Wales Other
Environ-mental Sadler (2005) McGimpsey & Morgan (2013); Sadler (2005) Hilding-Rydevik & Akerskog (2010) Only information about UK as a whole was identified Sadler (2005)
Equality Howard (2019); Johnston (2017); OECD (2019); TASK (2015) Verloo (2007) Houghton (2015) Bonet (2008); McEachrane (2018) Only information about UK as a whole was identified US environmental justice: e.g. Comer & Skraastad-Jurney (2008); EPA (2016); Hess & Satcher (2019); Konisky & Reenock (2018)
Health* EPA (2015); O'Mullane & Quinlivan (2011) Bekkers (2007); den Broeder et al. (2003); EOHSP (2007); Fehr et al (2014) Haigh et al.(2013); Harris et al. (2013); Mahoney and Morgan (2001); Morgan (2008); Ward (2006) Berensson & Tillgren (2017); Knutsson & Linell (2010); Molnar et al. (2016); Pinto et al.(2015) Green et al (2020); Walpita and Green (2020) Table 6 of EPA (2015) provides information on a range of international HIA guidelines
Regulatory Ferris (2016) OECD (2011); OECD (2020); Radaelli (2009a, b) Kupiek (2015) Bondemark et al. (2020); Nerhagen & Forsstedt (2016); Nilsson et al. (2008); OECD (2015); Radaelli (2009b); Van der Sluijs (2107) No information could be identified
Rural / islands Social Justice Ireland (2020) Salemink (2019) No information could be identified No information could be identified Rural Community Policy Unit (2014) Northern Ireland rural: Sherry & Shortall (2019)
Other Climate change risk assessment requirement but not yet implemented Wellbeing: Future Generations Commissioner for Wales (2018); Netherwood et al. (2017); Wales Audit Office (2018)

* The literature tends to cover HIA of plans and policies together



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