International offices: strategic objectives

Strategic objectives for our international offices for 2022 to 2023.

Scotland House Brussels was established in 1999 and is the centre of Scotland’s engagement with the EU and wider European and international partners in Brussels.

Located in the heart of the European quarter, Scotland House Brussels brings together the Scottish Government, Scotland Europa, and Scottish Enterprise/Scottish Development International. We are an integrated and diverse team, drawing on expertise and experience from across Scotland.

We provide services to support Scotland’s economic and diplomatic interests at the EU level; maximising opportunities for delivery with our networks and stakeholders; underpinned by a rich programme of cultural promotion and policy events

Priorities for 2022 to 2023

We will: 

  • strengthen Scotland’s EU relations - with the Institutions (European Parliament, Council and the Commission); national and subnational/regional partners; EU networks and think tanks, and also our bilateral relations with Belgium
  • showcase Scotland's high ambition and commitments on net zero (climate, energy and the environment) - maximising the legacy created through COP26 and presenting Scotland’s climate and environment work internationally as we focus our attention on CBD COP 15 & COP 27 in Egypt – highlighting our potential as a Hydrogen exporter to Europe.
  • promote Scotland as a hub for research, innovation and collaboration for planet, people and place; as a trusted and secure home for businesses and a partner to the EU & it’s networks.
  • promote and enhance Scotland’s trade and economic development priorities – with a focus on our work to deliver a wellbeing economy, and a fair and just transition for all people and places in Scotland
  • showcase Scotland's strong values, cultural heritage and natural assets – maximising opportunities for cultural diplomacy through set piece cultural events (Burns, St Andrews Day, Fringe, Year of stories), as well as developing broader activities as a hook for wider engagement opportunities.
  • understand, monitor and engage with EU policies, developments and activity – to support work on alignment, deliver coordinated services and to support our stakeholders and Scotland Europa members. Developing a range and depth of external communications materials to maximise opportunities for shared learning for staff and Scottish stakeholders & European partners
  • maximise opportunities for the delivery of our Scotland House Brussels business plan through and with stakeholders and partners; such as think tanks, our core networks such as the Vanguard Initiative, the European Regions Research and Innovation Network and other key partners in Brussels.




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