Scottish Child Payment - interim evaluation: annex B - qualitative research

Qualitative research supporting the findings from the interim evaluation of Scottish Child Payment.

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1. The Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan

2. Child Poverty Summary (25 March 2021), Scottish Government

3. The Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan (2018), Scottish Government

4. Universal Credit, certain legacy benefits, and/or Pension Credit. The full list of qualifying benefits is found at Social Security Scotland - Qualifying benefits for Scottish Child Payment

5. As noted in the Scottish Child Payment: Fairer Scotland Duty impact assessment

6. A grant that provides parents or carers who get certain benefits or tax credits with financial support during the early years of a child's life. It is made up of up to three possible payments: a pregnancy and baby payment (£600); an early learning payment (£250); and a school-age payment (£250). See Best Start Grant, Best Start Foods

7. A prepaid card that can be used in shops or online to buy healthy foods like milk or fruit for pregnant women or parents/carers of a child under three. See Best Start Grant, Best Start Foods

8. Scottish Child Payment: high level statistics December 2021

9. Scottish Government news release 29 Nov 2021

10. Scottish Child Payment – estimating the effect on child poverty (30 March 2022)

11. Scottish Budget 2022-23

12. Scottish Child Payment – estimating the effect on child poverty (30 March 2022)

13. Scottish Fiscal Commission (2021) Scotland's Economic and Fiscal Forecasts December 2021

14. Although those with children under one are not as well represented, the research did include 18 families with a child under two.

15. Grouping people from different minority ethnic backgrounds together for recruitment and analysis is often inappropriate given differences in the experiences of people from different ethnic minority backgrounds. Given this, this research focused on families from South Asian backgrounds, as this is the largest minority ethnic group (excluding White ethnic minority groups) in Scotland.

16. Scottish Government (2021) Client Panels

17. Social Security Scotland (2021) Client Survey 2018-2021

18. Using Excel, with each column representing a theme and each row an individual interview, so that the data can be sorted in different ways for further analysis.

19. A temporary £20 a week increase to the basic rate of Universal Credit payments, which was introduced by the UK Government in early 2020 to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic but withdrawn at the end of September 2021.

20. Scottish Child Payment high level statistics to 31 December 2021

21. Lundberg et al (1997) The Journal of Human Resources, Volume 32, No. 3, p. 463- 480; Fisher (2014), British tax credit simplification, the intra-household distribution of income and family consumption.

22. For example, see discussion of different preferences for fortnightly, vs weekly, vs twice monthly payments in Universal Credit Scottish Choices: evaluation – qualitative research



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