Movement restriction conditions in the children's hearing system: guidance

Information for social workers who have a statutory responsibility to present information to children’s panel members.

Appendix B: Lead Professional Checklist

In preparing a report in which an MRC recommendation is outlined, have you:

1. Exhausted all other relevant and appropriate community-based resources which are less restrictive in nature?

2. Secured the young person's and his parent(s)'/carer(s)' consent to an MRC?

3. Outlined clearly to the young person and his parent(s)/carer(s) the expectations as regards compliance with an MRC and the potential consequences of non-compliance?

4. Contacted the Monitoring Service Provider to offer basic background information in relation to the specific case ( e.g. potential risks to members of staff or the presence of young children in the home) while continuing to comply with data protection requirements?

5. Spoken to the Children's Reporter to highlight the possibility of an MRC recommendation and the potential need for legal representation for the young person if the young person and his parent(s)/carer(s) have not already made the necessary arrangements?

6. Given consideration to contingency arrangements if the recommendation for an MRC is not imposed by the Children's Hearing?

7. Outlined in the Child's Plan the 24/7 contact number that can be used by the young person and/or his parent(s)/carer(s) in the event of a crisis?

8. Outlined in the Child's Plan the contingency arrangements which will be followed in the event of alternative accommodation being required for the young person?

9. Outlined in the Child's Plan the core components of the vital support that will be offered in conjunction with the MRC to address the assessed risks and needs?

10. Considered whether it may be valuable to vary the number of hours of restriction each day according to the assessed risk and needs so as to enable the young person to participate in relevant pro-social/structured activities?

11. Considered whether it may be necessary for a restriction from an address, location or place to be in imposed as well as a restriction to an address?

12. Considered in situations where young people are already placed in secure accommodation whether an MRC as a component of an order might be a means by which to hasten safely their return to the community?

13. Communicated with all relevant local agencies and bodies who share responsibility for risk management and planning in relation to the young person's situation ( e.g. Secure Referral/Screening Groups, Care and Risk Management Groups, Education, Health and Police Scotland) to ensure they are fully informed?

14. Requested an Early Review within 6-weeks for any MRC that may be imposed?


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