Inpatient Experience Survey 2018: technical report

This report provides information on the technical aspects of the 2018 Inpatient Experience Survey, including development, implementation, analysis and reporting.

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2. The Information Services Division ( ISD) is part of National Services Scotland. ISD provides health information, health intelligence, statistical services and advice that supports the NHS in progressing quality improvement in health and care. ISD's role in the inpatient survey is to analyse the national and local results and produce NHS Board and hospital level reports.

3. This total excludes people who were recorded as being deceased on SMR01 and/or the National Records of Scotland Deaths Database, but includes people who were identified as being deceased by NHS CR following initial sampling. These people were subsequently removed from the sample before surveys were sent (see Section 5 for more information).

4. Following the sample of 52,175 patients being drawn, 731 patients were identified as having died via the first death check and 4 patients were removed due records being queried by the contractor. These 735 patients were not sent a survey pack.


6. The response rate published in the 2016 technical report was 40 per cent. However this incorrectly included 544 people identified as deceased by NHS CR and removed from the sample prior to the initial mail out. Once these people are excluded from the calculation, the overall response rate for the 2016 survey was 41 per cent.




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