Inpatient census 2022: parts one and two

Results of the sixth Mental Health & Learning Disability Inpatient Census and Out of Scotland NHS Placements Census, 2022.

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Key Points

Figure 1: Patients and beds have been decreasing since the first Inpatient Census in 2014. Psychiatric, Addiction or Learning Disability Inpatient Beds, NHS Scotland, March/April Census
The number of beds was 3,366 and number of patients was 2,876, with an occupancy rate of 85% in 2022. This is a decrease from 2014 when the number of beds was 4,532 and number of patients was 3,909, with an occupancy rate of 86%.
  • Patients were most likely to be in an acute ward (34% of all patients).
  • 318 (11%) adult inpatients had a diagnosis for either a learning disability or autism.
  • 53% of adult inpatients also had a long-term physical health condition.
  • There were 46 patients aged under 18 occupying the 54 available CAMHS beds at the 2022 Census.
  • There were 450 patients primarily managed by forensic services in the 2022 Census.
  • There were 162 patients funded by, but treated outwith, NHS Scotland at the 2022 Census. Of these patients, 148 (91%) were treated in a private facility.



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