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Infrastructure Investment Plan 2011 - Updated Programme Pipeline (January 2015)

Published: 17 Mar 2015
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Update to the Programme Pipeline as at January 2015.

Infrastructure Investment Plan 2011 - Updated Programme Pipeline (January 2015)


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The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Programme of investment included:
The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, part of the National Indoor Sports Arena complex Hampden Stadium: provision of athletics track and field facilities and upgrading of spectator facilities. Temporary installations to accommodate Games requirements.
Tollcross Aquatics Centre: extension and refurbishment of existing premises to accommodate requirements of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.
Various. Velodrome: Completed and opened to public October 2012

Stadium: May 2014

Aquatics Centre: May 2013.
Velodrome: The project was under the control of Glasgow City Council. The Organising Committee contributed 50% of the cost, at £13.2 million.

Stadium: The project was financed by and under the control of the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee. £26.7 million.

Aquatics Centre: Project managed by Glasgow City Council. Total cost of works £19.3 million. The Organising Committee contributed £14.7 million towards cost and sportscotland £650,000.
The Scottish Government's support for the 2014 Commonwealth Games stimulated investment in infrastructure for Games venues and associated transport networks and support jobs across Scotland. The Games brought particular benefits to Glasgow where the injection of housing development and supporting infrastructure promoted sustainable economic growth. Investment in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games secured the delivery of a successful Games that showcased Scotland on the international stage, contributed to the economic recovery and left a meaningful and lasting legacy from which all of Scotland's people can benefit.