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Infrastructure Investment Plan 2011 - Updated Programme Pipeline (January 2015)

Published: 17 Mar 2015
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Update to the Programme Pipeline as at January 2015.

Infrastructure Investment Plan 2011 - Updated Programme Pipeline (January 2015)


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Scottish Water Investment Programme
For each regulatory period, Scottish Water is directed by Ministers to deliver improvements to customer service, drinking water, and the environment and to provide additional capacity for new homes.
£500 million per year. The current set of Investment Objectives cover the period 2010-15 and is available on the Government's website.

The next regulatory period starts on 1 April 2015. The Investment Objectives which cover the 2015-21 period are available at: Objectives 2015-21
Scottish Water's investment programme is financed from charges from customers and borrowing from the Scottish Government. The levels of borrowing are set by Ministers in their Statement on the Principles of Charging.

Customer charges are determined by Scottish Water's economic regulator, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland. The WICS published charges in its Final Determination for the period 2015-21 in November 2014.
This investment will secure a modern and efficient water service which is an essential element of a dynamic economy.
Scottish Water will invest £3.5 billion during the period 2015-21 which contributes significantly to economic growth and supports an estimated 5,000 jobs directly in the civil engineering, construction and design sectors - roughly 20% of the market in these sectors in Scotland.
Scottish Water is now providing one of the best value for money water and sewerage packages Great Britain. At £346, average household charges for 2015-16 are some £40 lower than the average in England and Wales whilst levels of service match some of the highest performing companies.
The Water Industry Commission makes an annual assessment of Scottish Water's performance in delivering outcomes for customers. The reports are available on the WICS' website.