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Infrastructure Investment Plan 2011 - Updated Programme Pipeline (January 2015)

Published: 17 Mar 2015
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Update to the Programme Pipeline as at January 2015.

Infrastructure Investment Plan 2011 - Updated Programme Pipeline (January 2015)


Programme Capital value (estimate) Timetable for delivery Finance and delivery Strategic links and progress update
Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme, to replace existing Airwave services. £ TBC Transitional programmes, with GB-wide deployment across the three emergency services to dovetail with expiry of current Airwave contracts/ services (2016-2020), with Scotland likely to be towards the end of the process. Conventional financing with main costs falling on the 3 emergency services. Programmes which aim to replace the existing restricted level emergency service communications system with enhancements to accommodate more data-intensive working that will support improved service delivery and more efficient use of resources.
Scottish Court Estate Development
Project would target investment in sustainable court accommodation with purpose built facilities.
£15-£25 million per project. 2-5 years from confirmation of funding. Scottish Court Service ( SCS) elements of project would be funded through Scottish Government capital and revenue funding allocations; capital receipts, where relevant and, potentially joint funding with other public bodies.

In addition the SCS is working with the Scottish Future Trust to explore the potential to utilise the NPD funding model.

The budget bill made reference to a potential £60 million allocation for justice centres
The SCS has a very clear view and ambition on delivering the best possible accommodation solution to align it with our digital innovation vision to transform court service delivery and meet the expectations of 21 st century Scotland.
A key plank of the optimal future model is purpose built justice centres in a number of key strategic population areas, providing the environment and facilities for victims and witnesses that match our service delivery aspirations. A Justice Centre comprising a full court complex with services and facilities for criminal justice partners including the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Social Work, Witness Service, Victim Support and Police Scotland will require significant capital investment.
Feasibility studies have been undertaken. The first three locations have been identified in Airdrie, Kirkcaldy and Inverness.
Development of the estate will result in reduced running costs of the estates, by reducing costs and addressing risks generated by backlog maintenance across the court estate.