Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment in Scotland: interim report

Interim report of the Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment in Scotland.

Annex 2: Membership of the Independent Review Group

Note that almost all IRG members lead an associated Collaborative Community Group (CCG). IRG members in this role do not represent organisations but serve to link with a community in addition the Review is working directly with a group of employers (public and third-sector), the Grant-aided special schools and the secure units.

Those for whom qualifications matter most


  • Beinn Grant (Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament)
  • Ruby Cardie (Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament) from February 2023
  • Zainab Adeleye (Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament) until January 2023


  • Cheryl Burnett (NPFS)
  • Barrie Sheppard (NPFS)
  • Eileen Prior (Connect)

Those who design, develop and offer qualifications

Teachers and lecturers

  • Andrea Bradley (General Secretary, EIS Union)
  • Peter Bain (Headteacher)
  • Andrew Findlater (Principal Teacher)

Design and development

  • Douglas Hutchison (Local government)
  • Gill Stewart / Margaret Farragher – shared role (SQA)
  • Aileen Ponton (National qualifications alignment) until December 2022
  • Pauline Radcliffe (National qualifications alignment) from December 2022

Informing the process: Research

  • Professor Chris Chapman (University of Glasgow) : Change process
  • Professor Mark Priestley (University of Stirling) and Dr Joseph Smith - shared role Curriculum
  • Professor Jo-Anne Baird (Oxford University) Qualifications and Assessment
  • Dr Edward Sosu (Strathclyde University) Equity

Informing the process: Policy

  • Professor Ken Muir (University of the West of Scotland)
  • Professor Gordon Stobart (University of Oxford)
  • Professor Graham Donaldson (University of Glasgow)

Those who use qualifications

  • Tracy Black (Scottish Confederation of British Industry)
  • Professor Ken Thomson (Forth Valley College)
  • Professor Jonathan Powles (University of the West of Scotland)



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