Education - Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment: data analysis – phase 1

Findings from the first phase of the Review consultation on the draft vision and principles.

In Conclusion

The ideas in the draft vision and principles statements were supported in principle by the vast majority of those who responded to the consultation. This suggests that the draft vision and principles do offer a sound basis for the development of options for the future of Qualifications and Assessment.

There were, however, a great many suggestions for changes to be made to the language used. Simpler, clearer statements were commonly requested. The evidence in this report provides helpful information on how the text of the vision and Principles might be improved.

There were tensions is some of the recommendations offered by respondents. For example, although many argued that the statements should be shorter and clearer, others proposed additions to the existing statements.

In addition, there were differences in views on particular issues between CCGs and Schools and Colleges. Again, these will require further consideration before a final version of the Vision and principles is developed.

Some issues raised in the responses related not to the vision and principles but to the implications for practice arising from them. It may be, therefore, that at least some of these apparent differences in responses to the consultation could be addressed in later stages of the consultation process, in particular in Phase Three when the focus will be on how ideas might best be put into practice.



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