Medical students at Scottish universities: EQIA

Equalities impact assessment (EIA) relating to plans to increase the number of Scots dom/EU medical students by 100 and decrease the number from the rest UK by the same, to retain an estimated 36 extra doctors per year within specialty training.

6. Information Gathered

Data is restricted by the fact that it is the characteristics of a very specific group within the general population that requires to be considered i.e. the relevant student group.

Some of the data related to the protected characteristics is available from student records, compiled by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) for students at Higher Education Institutions.

An analysis of HESA data was carried out to determine the profile of the relevant student groups by domicile and also linking this data to the General Medicine Council’s National Training Survey data on the career destination of students.

Table 2 (provided at Annex A) provides available data for some of the protected characteristics. In all cases the data is limited due to the small numbers of students recorded each year. As such, some characteristics, where possible, have been grouped into larger categories to maintain a higher level of quality.



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