Improving Together: A National Framework for Quality and GP Clusters in Scotland

Complements the development of the Scottish national GP contract.

List of members

Gareth Adkins
Head of Improvement Support, Health Improvement Scotland

Dr Jenny Bennison
Executive Officer, Quality, RCGP Scotland

Dr Paul Bowie
Programme Director (Safety and Improvement) NHS Education Scotland

Dr Andrew Buist
Deputy Chair, SGPC, BMA

Phillip Couser
Director, Public Health and Intelligence, NHS National Services Scotland

Richard Foggo
Deputy Director, Primary Care Services, Scottish Government ( SG)

Prof John Gillies
Deputy Director, Scottish School of Primary Care

Scott Heald
Associate Director - Data Management/Head of Profession for Statistics, NHS National Services Scotland

Dr Neil Houston
Clinical Lead, SPSP Primary Care, Health Improvement Scotland

Dr Alan McDevitt
Chair, SGPC, BMA

Dr John McKay
Assistant GP Director, Quality Improvement & Performance, NHS Education Scotland

Joe McKeown
Primary Care Division, Scottish Government

Dr Miles Mack
Chair, RCGP Scotland

Dr Colette Maule
Scottish GP Committee, BMA

Prof Stewart Mercer
Director, Scottish School of Primary Care

Dr Lucy Munro
Associate Medical Director, NHS National Services Scotland

Dr John Nugent
Senior Medical Officer, Primary Care Division, Scottish Government

Dr Niamh O'Connor
Primary Medical Services, Scottish Government

Sinead Power
Primary Care Division, Strategy and Innovation Unit, Scottish Government

Prof Sir Lewis Ritchie
Primary Care Division Advisor, Scottish Government

Dr Brian Robson
Executive Clinical Director, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

David Small
Chief Officer, East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership

Dr Gregor Smith (Chair)
Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Scottish Government

Jennifer Wilson
Nurse Adviser/Improvement Adviser, Primary Care Division, SG

With thanks to Professor Frede Olesen, University of Aarhus, Denmark for providing external advice and critical review.


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