Tackling inequality: guidance on making budget decisions

Informal guidance for policy makers on equality and human rights budgeting. The booklet challenges policy makers to systematically think through 6 key questions to identify ways in which budget decisions could be improved to advance human rights and address inequalities. Budget decisions include both those made about the money we spend and decisions about how revenue is raised.

6 Key Questions

1 What outcome is the policy and associated budget decision aiming to achieve?

2 What do you know about existing inequalities of outcome in relation to the budget area?

3 How will your budget decisions impact upon different people and places?

4 How will your budget decisions contribute to the realisation of human rights?

5 Could the budget be used differently to better address existing inequalities of outcome and advance human rights?

6 How will the impact of the budget decisions be evaluated?


Email: Gillian.Achurch@gov.scot

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