Improving outcomes for children, young people and families: review of Children’s Services Plans and strategic engagement activity

Summary review of children’s services plans for 2020 to 2023, in line with the Children and Young Peoples (Scotland) Act 2014, statutory guidance part 3. Highlighting key strengths, areas for development and details from strategic engagement with local children’s services planning strategic leads.

Appendix C – COVID-19 Children & Families Collective Leadership Group (CLG) Action Plan

Table 1 – Summarised Extract of CLG Action Plan (2021)

Access to Services

Action was taken to seek assurance on availability of local and national services and supports for families during the pandemic, with provision of information from the 30 Children's Services Planning Partnerships (CSPPs) on effective partnership working, and available routes of access for children, young people and families to access support.

Responses detailed an extensive range of supports being provided across CSPP partners. This included Named Persons as a key point of contact and universal services of health and education, as well as support from targeted/ specialist services, and Third Sector organisations. There were similarly extensive mechanisms being used to publicise and promote information to raise awareness of available services and support with children, families and the general public.

Key messaging was provided for national helplines; with a snapshot regional directory of available services/ support developed and distributed to national helplines and Children's Services Planning Partnerships. A summary of collated good practice examples of pandemic practice shared learning more widely.

Workforce Resilience

Action focussed on gaining insight to understand issues impacting on national and local workforce resilience, to inform any need for rapid mitigation responses and maintenance of sufficient staffing capacity for ongoing provision of support to children and families. This included monitoring and development of national recruitment initiatives including the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) national recruitment portal and temporary social work register, and working with CSPPs to identify and promote mutual aid arrangements in each local authority area.

Actions also contributed to workforce resilience and wellbeing by ensuring national wellbeing resources such as The Promise Scotland website and workforce specialist services were being accessed, with effective dissemination of information through professional networks, information bulletins, and digital platforms. Other initiatives developed locally, included coaching and mentoring schemes, peer support, and mental health first aid.

This work informed establishment of the CLG's Workforce Planning and Resilience Sub-Group. This has an objective of progressing an integrated whole system approach to workforce planning and professional development with a focus on cross-sector messaging, multi-disciplinary workforce supply and demand, and revised competency and skills frameworks for the workforce based on UNCRC, GIRFEC, and the Promise. The Subgroup will also focus on workforce wellbeing to address pandemic impacts and support longer-term resilience and recovery, building on learning from national and local initiatives.


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