Improving educational outcomes for children and young people from travelling cultures: guidance

Guidance for local authorities, schools, early learning and childcare settings to help support children, young people and their families to engage in education.

Annex B. Additional sources of information, advice and support on specific matters relating to Travellers

  Information on local Traveller communities and cultural awareness Information on a tailored approach to enrolment Advice on unauthorised absence Advice on permission/application for Home Education Advice on CME (Children missing from education) Information on SEEMIS codes etc.
Sources of Guidance

Local Authority Gypsy/Traveller Policy and Strategy STEP (Scottish Traveller Education Programme) including: information; research; and TENET (Traveller Education Network) contacts

Local demographic data

Community Planning Partnership (CPP)

Local Authority Enrolment Policy

Local Authority Gypsy/Traveller Policy


Local Authority attendance guidance

Included, Engaged and Involved Part 1 (IEI1 – attendance)

Scottish Government Home Education guidance 2007 Scottish Government CME guidance

Local MIS guidance

Scotexed Guidance


Included, Engaged and Involved Part 2 (IEI2 -exclusions)

Sources of advice, information and support in local authority

Local Education Inclusion/ ASN (Additional Support Needs)

Officer QIO (Quality Improvement Officer)

Local Authority School Team

Local Education Inclusion/ ASN Officer


Local Home Education Officer/

Local Education Inclusion/ ASN Officer

Local CME Coordinator in consultation with Local Education Inclusion/ASN Officer/QIO Local MIS SEEMiSTeam


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