Implementation of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009: report to the Scottish Parliament - 2019

Progress of work carried out in 2019 through the implementation of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009.

2019 Flood Events of Note

Over the 2019 summer, there was a succession of thundery showers, giving very high rainfall totals and associated impacts in isolated locations, affecting in particular transport infrastructure.

One of the most notable events occurred on 24 June with heavy, very localised downpours and flash flooding in parts of Edinburgh, Fife and Stirling. The impacts from surface water and overwhelmed drainage systems affected transport (roads, railways and tramlines) and business. In Stirling, impacts observed included flooding of roads, leisure facilities, commercial properties, university buildings and a supermarket. Evacuations also took place with the fire service called to rescue 14 people from a rugby club.

Another notable event happened on 10-12 August, affecting Ayrshire and areas of the Central Belt in particular. In Ayrshire, the Prestwick Airport car park was flooded and the River Irvine burst its banks in Kilmarnock, with people evacuated from a supermarket and cinema complex. The advanced warning provided by SEPA enabled a multi-agency response with the deployment of sandbags and pumps minimising the impacts. The railway line between Edinburgh and Glasgow was also disrupted with flooding of the Winchburgh tunnel.

The North East of Scotland was affected by flooding on 28 September, with flash flooding in Aberdeenshire severely damaging seven bridges between Banff and Turrif and many roads closed.



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