iMatter Survey 2022: demographic data exploration

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in health and social care across Scotland, broken down by protected characteristics (as stated in Equality Act 2010). This report compiles data from the 2021 and 2022 iMatter survey.

Appendix 1: iMatter 2022 Questionnaire

NHS Scotland is committed to improving the experience of those we provide care for through enhancing our "Staff Experience". The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all, how we work and how we live. Whilst we are moving forward and some areas of life are returning to normality, there are still many challenges to face.

The iMatter Staff Experience Continuous Improvement Model aims to deliver ways of engaging staff which feel right for you at every level and introduce new opportunities where you can feedback your experiences, in your teams, in a real-time basis.

The questionnaire should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Please answer as fully as possible by clicking the relevant buttons for each option. The "About You" questions are optional, but all others need to be answered in order to submit your response. If you are completing the questionnaire online you must select the submit button at the end of the questionnaire.

This is an anonymous survey, all answers collected will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

You will receive your team result and will be encouraged to take the opportunity to develop actions plans and solutions for continuous improvement as well as to share your successes through the Staff experience stories.

Thank you for your time and participation.

Please answer each question using one tick

For the purpose of this questionnaire, My/I refers to you and your experience as an individual.

Thinking of your experience in the 12 months please tell us if you agree or disagree with the following statements:

Strongly Agree


Slightly Agree


Strongly Disagree

I am clear about my duties and responsibilities

I get the information I need to do my job well

I am given the time and resources to support my learning growth

I have sufficient support to do my job well

I am confident my ideas and suggestions are listened to

I am confident my ideas and suggestion are acted upon

I feel involved in decisions relating to my job

I am treated with dignity & respect as an individual

I am treated fairly and consistently

I get enough helpful feedback on how well I do my work

I feel appreciated for the work I do

My work gives me a sense of achievement

My Team/My Direct Line Manager

Please answer each question using one tick

For the purposes of this questionnaire, Direct Line Manager refers to the person who has overall responsibility for your team, this person has been named in the cover email.

Thinking of your experience in the last 12 months please tell us if you agree or disagree with the following statements relating to your team and direct line manager:

Strongly Agree


Slightly Agree


Strongly Disagree

I feel my direct line manager cares about my health & well-being

My direct line manager is sufficiently approachable

I have confidence & trust in my direct line manager

I feel involved in decisions relating to my team

I am confident performance is managed well within my team

My team works well together

I would recommend my team as a good one to be a part of

My Organisation

Please answer each question using one tick.

  • My Organisation refers to the NHS Board/Heath & Social Care Partnership you are part of.
  • Board/Health & Social Care Partnership members refers to:
  • Directors/Chief Officer, Executives
  • Non-Executives & the Chief Executive of your NHS Board/HSCP (the people who make the high level decisions in your organisation)

Thinking of your experience in the last 12 months please tell us if you agree or disagree with the following statements relating to your Organisation:

Strongly Agree


Slightly Agree


Strongly Disagree

I understand how my role contributes to the goals of my organisation

I feel my organisation cares about my health & wellbeing

I feel that board members who are responsible for my organisation are sufficiently visible

I have confidence & trust in Board members who are responsible for my organisation

I feel sufficiently involved in decisions relating to my organisation

I am confident performance is managed well within my organisation

I get the help & support I need from other teams and services within the organisation to do my job

I would recommend my organisation as a good place to work

I would be happy for a friend or relative to access services within my organisation

Please tell us how you feel about your overall experience of working for your organisation from a scale of 0 to 10 (where 0 = very poor and 10 = very good): *

Overall working within my organisation is a…….

0 Very Poor Experience 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 Very Good Experience

About You

We are asking the following questions in order that we can understand more about the profile of staff taking part in iMatter. It is NOT mandatory to answer these questions, but it will help us greatly if you do. The answers to these questions will be used in the following ways:

  • To profile staff at a National, Board, Staff Grouping level
  • To explore the relationship between staff profile and staff experience

Your anonymity is important to us and so we will not look at any groups with less than 10 people in them.

Please refer to Privacy Notice for information on how this data may be used.

Since last September, have you experienced change either in your job role or the environment you work in?

Yes No

Which of the following have changed for you? (Select all that apply)

Working from home more than usual

Working at a different location (e.g., different hospital, care home etc.

Reassigned to a different team

Reassigned to a different directorate

Reassigned to a different board

Reassigned to a different role, but still in the same team

Shielding at home (because I or other household members are clinically vulnerable)

Staying away from home to protect my family

Preschool children at home

School age children at home

Care responsibilities for another member of the household

Loss of a friend or relative

I have tested positive for COVID-19

I have been furloughed

Other household members furloughed

Worsening of financial situation (e.g., household job loss or reduced hours)

Providing support for vulnerable relative (living elsewhere)

Other (please specify)

Staff Grouping

Which staff group do you belong to? (please select the group that reflects your main role)

NHSScotland Employees

Local Authority Employees

Which staff group do you belong to? (NHSScotland staff only)

Administrative Services (Finance, HR, IT, call handler, office and patient services

Allied Health Profession

Ambulance Services

Health Science Services

Medical and Dental

Medical and Dental Support (physicians assistant, theatre services, operating dept, dental technician, hygienist, dental and orthodontist therapist, oral health)

Nursing and Midwifery

Other Therapeutic (Optometry, pharmacy, psychology, genetic counselling.)

Personal and Social Care

Senior Managers (Executive grades, senior manager pay band)

Support Services (Catering, domestic, portering, estates and facilities, security, laundry, transport, sterile services.)

Which staff group do you belong to? (local authority staff only)

Adult Services

Business Services (Business Improvement, Support Services, Information Systems, Finance and Administration)

Children's Services

Criminal Justice

Older People Services

Senior Managers

Strategic Development

As employers we are committed to ensuring all staff are treated fairly. It is important therefore for us to understand how the pandemic has impacted everyone in our organisations. This section helps your employer to look for any trends or patterns which might be cause for concern. Your response will not be tracked back to you. You can choose to answer all of these questions or only some of them.

What was your age at your last birthday?

What is your sex?



Do you consider yourself to be trans, or have a trans history?

Trans is a term used to describe people whose gender is not the same as the sex they were registered at birth


Yes, please describe your trans status (for example, non-binary trans man, trans woman

What is your legal marital or registered civil partnership status?

Never married and never registered in a civil partnership


In a registered civil partnership

Separated, but still legally married

Separated, but still legally in a civil partnership


Formerly in a civil partnership which is now legally dissolved


Surviving partner from a civil partnership

Which of the following best describes your sexual orientation?


Gay or Lesbian


Prefer to self-describe, please write in:

Disability: The Equality Act 2010 describes a disabled person as: '...anyone who has a physical, sensory or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities'.

Do you consider yourself to be disabled within the definition of the Equality Act 2010?



Do you have any of the following, which have lasted, or are expected to last, at least 12 months?

Deafness or partial hearing loss

Blindness or partial sight loss

Full or partial loss of voice or difficulty speaking (a condition which requires you to use equipment to speak)

Learning disability (a condition that you have had since childhood that affects the way you learn, understand information and communicate)

Learning difficulty (a specific learning condition that affects the way you learn and process information)

Developmental disorder (a condition that you have had since childhood which affects motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills, and speech and language)

Physical disability (a condition that substantially limits one or more basic physical activities such as walking, climbing stairs, lifting or carrying

Mental health condition (a condition that affects your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing)

Long-term illness, disease or condition (a condition, not listed above, that you may have for life, which may be managed with treatment or medication)

Other condition, please write in:

No condition

Have you been on maternity/parental or shared parental leave in the past 12 months?



What religion, religious denomination or body do you belong to?


Church of Scotland

Roman Catholic

Other Christian, please write in:

Muslim, write in denomination:






Another religion or body, please write in:

What is your ethnic group?


Mixed or multiple ethnic group

Asian, Scottish Asian or British Asian

African, Scottish African or British African

Caribbean or Black

Other ethnic group



Other British



Gypsy / Traveller


Showman / Showwoman

Other which ethnic group, please write in:

Mixed or multiple ethnic groups

Any mixed or multiple ethnic groups, please write in:

Asian, Scottish Asian or British Asian

Pakistani, Scottish Pakistani or British Pakistani

Indian, Scottish Indian or British Indian

Bangladeshi, Scottish Bangladeshi or British Bangladeshi

Chinese, Scottish Chinese or British Chinese

Other, please write in:

African, Scottish Africa or British African

Please write in (for example, NIGERIAN, SOMALI):

Caribbean or Black

Please write in (for example, SCOTTISH CARIBBEAN, BLACK SCOTTISH):

Other ethnic group

Arab, Scottish Arab or British Arab

Other, please write in (for example, SIKH, JEWISH):



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