Housing to 2040: a conversation

This document was designed to support a conversation about planning together for what we wanted our homes and communities to look and feel like in 2040. It set out the Scottish Government’s draft vision and principles for 2040 and how people could get involved.

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The first phase of Housing to 2040 stakeholder engagement concluded on 30 November 2018, and attracted contributions from over 800 people representing more than 100 organisations. A Scottish Government report on stakeholder engagement in 2018 was published in May 2019.

We will continue to engage with a wide range of people across Scotland and will undertake further formal public consultation in the autumn on the draft vision and principles, themes and outline options for the route map. 

The outputs from the next round of consultation will help us to create the final vision and a route map to 2040, which we intend to publish in spring 2020.


What you can do now:

  • Discuss this with friends, family or in your communities/workplace or on twitter using the hashtag #Housing2040
  • E-mail us your thoughts at Housing2040@gov.scot (please note we won’t be able to respond to each e-mail individually)


Email: housing2040@gov.scot

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