Housing to 2040: a conversation

This document was designed to support a conversation about planning together for what we wanted our homes and communities to look and feel like in 2040. It set out the Scottish Government’s draft vision and principles for 2040 and how people could get involved.

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Our National Performance Framework provides the high-level vision for Scotland.  Our draft housing vision for 2040 describes in more detail what we want the housing system to look and feel like in the future.  It is meant to be ambitious and aspirational.  

The vision is person-centred, and views the system from the citizen’s perspective to reflect the diversity of people, homes and communities across Scotland. But the vision is also for all those involved in housing delivery and services - making the vision a reality will require action from Scottish Government, public, private and third sector partners and the people of Scotland.  

The principles underpinning the vision are a high-level guide to how policy decisions might be made to make the vision a reality. 


Email: housing2040@gov.scot

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