Housing Statistics for Scotland Quarterly Update: New Housebuilding and Affordable Housing Supply (published 24 January 2023)

A summary of activity in new build housing, affordable housing and long term empty properties and second homes in Scotland.

4. UK House Price Index (HPI) new build sales transactions, as a measure of private-led housebuilding activity to end August 2022

This section sets out the latest quarterly and monthly trends in the number of new build sales transactions in Scotland to end August 2022, based on residential property transaction figures published as part of the UK House Price Index (HPI) .

The HPI figures show that there were 3,452 new build sales transactions in Scotland in the latest quarter April to June 2022, an increase of 17% (489 transactions) on the 2,963 transactions seen in the same quarter in 2021.

More recent HPI figures for the month of August 2022 show a total of 882 transactions for this month (see Chart 7a). This brings the total transactions in the year to end August 2022 to 12,013, an increase of 4% (508 transactions) on the 11,505 transactions recorded in the year to end August 2021.

Chart 7a: Monthly private new build sales transactions in Scotland throughout the year 2022 have been broadly in line with the number of transactions in 2021 as well as the pre-pandemic year 2019
Chart 7a: A line chart showing monthly private new build sales transactions in the years from 2019 to 2022, showing that 2022 is following a similar trend to 2019 and 2021.

It should be noted that the HPI-based figures are not directly comparable to the Scottish Government time series on private-led new build starts and completion, due to some differences in how the two sets of figures are constructed. For example, the UK HPI new build sales transaction figures are based on the date of the completed sales transaction rather than the date of completion, and will also not include self-build dwellings or homes built privately for tenures other than private sales.

Further information on the quality of the HPI data for Scotland, which is sourced from Registers of Scotland, is available in the UK HPI Quality Assurance section of the UK House Price Index web page.

Table 3 and Chart 7b below illustrate how the UK HPI figures compare to Scottish Government Private sector-led completion figures in each quarter from January to March 2019 onwards.

It can be seen across the period January to March 2019 to April to June 2022 that both data series follow broadly similar trends in respect of increases or decreases compared to the previous quarter. The Scottish Government figures are higher in most quarters, but this is likely to be explained by differences in how the figures are constructed, given that some self-build dwellings or dwellings built privately for tenures other than private sales will be included, whereas the HPI figures are based on private sale transactions only.

Chart 7b: Scottish Government Private Sector led new housebuilding completions and HPI new build sales transactions. Scotland: Jan - Mar 2019 to Apr - Jun 2022.
Chart 7b: A line chart comparing Scottish Government private sector completion figures to HPI new build sales transactions, showing broadly similar trends.
Table 3: Scotland-level HPI new Build Sales for Scotland and Scottish Government Private Sector-led new build completions
Quarter or year HPI New Build Sales Transactions Volume Scottish Government Private-led completions
Jan – Mar 2019 2,407 3,461
Apr – Jun 2019 3,293 4,563
Jul – Sep 2019 2,759 4,052
Oct – Dec 2019 3,807 4,797
Jan – Mar 2020 2,385 3,040
Apr – Jun 2020 717 782
Jul – Sep 2020 2,428 3,212
Oct – Dec 2020 3,101 4,397
Jan – Mar 2021 2,731 3557
Apr - Jun 2021 2,963 3,769
Jul – Sep 2021 2,800 3,437
Oct – Dec 2021 3,206 4,307
Jan – Mar 2022 2,572 3,510
Apr - Jun 2022 3,452 4,296
Change from previous quarter 880 786
Change (%) from previous quarter 34% 22%
Change from same quarter in previous year 489 527
Change (%) from same quarter in previous year 17% 14%


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