Housing statistics 2018: key trends summary

Annual statistics up to 31 March 2017 on total new housing supply in Scotland across all sectors, along with information on various elements of local authority housing such as stock, lettings, house sales, evictions, housing lists, and housing for older people and people with disabilities.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

The most recent figures as at 31st March 2018 show 15,671 licences in force, 2% higher than the previous year.

The number of licences in force has generally increased since the introduction of the mandatory licensing scheme in 2001. Of the licences in force, 87% are accounted for by just five local authorities – Aberdeen City, Dundee City, City of Edinburgh, Fife and Glasgow City. City of Edinburgh alone holds an estimated 38% of Scotland’s HMO licences.

Chart 21 below shows the number of licences in force at 31st March 2018, by the type of property. Flats or houses to let as a whole are by far the largest HMO type (61%), with specific student accommodation within halls of residence accounting for a further 8%.

Chart 21: HMO licenses in force, by type, March 2018

Chart 21: HMO licenses in force, by type, March 2018

There were 9,025 applications received in 2017-18, 7% less than the year before. New applications made up 17% of these, and the remainder were applications for licence renewals.


Katrina Caldwell: housing.statistics@gov.scot

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