Homelessness in Scotland: 2020 to 2021

This statistics bulletin provides information on homelessness in Scotland in the period from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021, alongside historical data.

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1 Home - Solace

2 Homelessness in Scotland: update to 30 September 2020 - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

3 Measures providing additional protections for tenants were introduced in the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020

4 Mortgages and coronavirus: information for consumers | FCA

5 The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 extended councils’ duties to non-priority homeless people and the Homelessness etc. (Scotland) Act 2003 set the longer term objective of phasing out the distinction between priority and non-priority homeless. See Summary of Homelessness Legislation for more details.

6 In November 2012, the Scottish Parliament approved the Homelessness (Abolition of Priority Need Test) (Scotland) Order 2012.

7 Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 (legislation.gov.uk)

8 Mortgages and coronavirus: information for consumers | FCA

9 The City of Edinburgh Council have previously been unable to report ‘not offered’ places via their placement level temporary accommodation return due to technical issues. These technical issues have been resolved and ‘not offered’ information is now supplied as part of the regular data return from 2019/20. Backdated information for 2018/19 has been provided by the City of Edinburgh Council.

10 An error occurred in previous publications which misclassified a small number of households with whom contact was lost prior to duty discharge, but an outcome was known, as contact maintained. This has been corrected for this publication.

12 If before 31st December 2012.


Email: homelessness_statistics_inbox@gov.scot

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