Home Energy Efficiency Programmes - Energy Efficient Scotland: delivery report 2018 to 2019

Sixth annual summary report of the HEEPS programme which includes the outcomes achieved from the 2018-2019 programme and an overview of cumulative progress since 2013.

Section 6: (ECO) in Scotland Delivery of the Energy Company Obligation

ECO is also a key source of additional leveraged funding to Warmer Homes Scotland. This is managed centrally by Warmworks, our managing delivery agent, on behalf of the supply chain.

ECO funding of £579,581 was leveraged into Warmer Homes Scotland in 2018/2019 This is a huge increase over last year, and an area where Warmworks are focusing.

ECO funding is also typically blended with HEEPS: ABS and we expect local authorities to leverage ECO to support delivery. During 2018/201919 Scottish local authorities have reported that they have leveraged £858,850 ECO funding to contribute towards HEEPS:ABS schemes

From April 2018 to March 2019 almost 29,637 ECO eligible measures were installed in Scotland. We do not have a full breakdown of the measures delivered for this period. Scotland received 15.4% of total UK ECO measures in the year 2018/201919. The amount spent here can be estimated at approximately £52.85 million if admin costs are included. Given that around £1.4 million of this spending was in conjunction with our HEEPS schemes it is clear that there is substantial additional energy efficiency activity happening in Scotland outside our programmes.



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