Home Energy Efficiency Programmes - Energy Efficient Scotland: delivery report 2018 to 2019

Sixth annual summary report of the HEEPS programme which includes the outcomes achieved from the 2018-2019 programme and an overview of cumulative progress since 2013.

Section 5: Carbon and Fuel Bill Savings

Our HEEPS schemes operate within a broader landscape of energy efficiency programmes operated by the UK Government. Our Area Based Schemes in particular are designed to work in tandem with the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) to provide a blend of funding which can help develop larger schemes and assist the greatest number of households possible.

The installation of the energy efficiency measures make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions from Scottish housing and to helping households save money by reducing their fuel bills. As Figure 12 shows, each programme contributes to reducing household fuel bills and CO2 emissions. Figure 8 shows that the 2018/2019 programme resulted in annual CO2 savings of 30,118 Tonnes, and annual fuel bill savings of circa £30m.

Summary of Delivery 2018/2019

Fig: 8

Annual Fuel Bill Savings
£ 9.6 m

Lifetime Fuel Bill Savings

Annual C02 Savings

Lifetime CO2 Savings

Installing energy efficiency measures also has long term benefits for households as the resulting improvements help lower fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions for the lifetime of the measure. Over the lifetimes of the measures installed, the 2018/2019 HEEPS programmes will save 338,410 tonnes of CO2 and reduce fuel bills by almost £82.1m



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