Home Energy Efficiency Programmes - Energy Efficient Scotland: delivery report 2018 to 2019

Sixth annual summary report of the HEEPS programme which includes the outcomes achieved from the 2018-2019 programme and an overview of cumulative progress since 2013.

Section 4: Advice and Support Delivery by Home Energy Scotland

HEEPS Advice and Support Delivery by Home Energy Scotland (HES)

It is recognised that alongside funding for physical measures, we also need to ensure householders are guided through the choices available to them.

HES provides free and impartial advice on energy efficiency measures to all householders in Scotland including advice on schemes they may be eligible for.

can provide tailored advice for an individual's own home;

  • can assist householders through the complaints process of Government energy efficiency schemes;
  • offers every caller a free benefits check to ensure householders are receiving all the help and support they are entitled to.

This initiative has unlocked a total calculated increase in income from Benefits Check of £7,499,114 over the whole term of this contract;

  • provides a community liaison service to join up with other service providers to reach the most vulnerable people in the community.
  • has developed an online referral portal to enable seamless referrals from external stakeholders to HES. The portal also allows Stakeholders to track progress with customers.

Home Energy Scotland also offers an impartial supplier-switching support service delivered through a partnership with the social enterprise Citrus Energy.

Citrus Energy identifies the best energy supply deal for the customer from the widest range of energy suppliers and completely manages the switching process from start to finish.

Projected) Average saving per customer switching Energy supplier £255 (Citrus Energy)

Fig: 7

HES Advice And Support 2018 / 2019

Households in contact about Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland

Take-up of offers of help

  • Households, 21,774
  • People in households, 44,194

Energy saving advice (households)

Income maximisation referral (people)

Energy cost reduction referral (WHD)

Benefit Calculator Signposting

Energy supplier switching referral (Citrus)

Area-based (HEEPS-ABS) referrals (households)

Other obligated supplier scheme referral including HHCRO (households)

Warmer Homes Scotland referrals (households)

WHS referrals reinstated Warmorks

WHS referrals reinstated by EST on appeal



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