HM Fire Service Inspectorate Annual Report 2019/20

HM Chief Inspector of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 2019-20 Annual Report

Additional Work Undertaken at the request of Scottish Ministers

Road Transportation of Defence Nuclear Materials (DNM)

HMFSI was requested to review the planning and response arrangements relating to this type of activity and make recommendations for improvement where appropriate to do so.

HMFSI agreed to work with colleagues from HMICS, the Scottish Government Health Resilience Unit, SoLACE and other Partners to undertake this piece of work, each considering those parts of the Review appertaining to their areas of responsibility.

HMFSI worked with the Nuclear Resilience Team (NRT) from the SFRS and other stakeholders to secure evidence in order to respond on the Fire and Rescue Service’s responsibilities and actions in dealing with such incidents.

The full report was published on Friday 28 June 2019 and is available via the link preparedness-review

“No Deal” Brexit - Review of SFRS Plans and Preparedness

HMFSI was asked to carry out a reassurance exercise in February 2019 on the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s plans and preparedness for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

At that time, HMFSI was able to give assurance that it believed there was good evidence to support the SFRS strategic planning assumptions and necessary mitigation that will enable the Service to deliver its statutory duties.

However, with the ongoing uncertainty as to Brexit implement date and criteria in the lead up to 31 October, it was requested that HMFSI undertook a further, update review. This was a ‘light touch review’ of the Service’s currents plans to deal with any additional concurrent operational risks.

HMFSI met with Officers from the Service again in mid-October 2019 to discuss their European Union Exit – Event Concurrency Analysis Matrix. The Matrix was created to fully assess reasonably foreseeable events weighted against current mitigation policies, procedures and protocols available to SFRS. Once again HMFSI were able to give assurance at that time that suitable plans were in place to deal with the eventualities.

This review will be revisited again towards the end of 2020, in case there are any further changes of circumstances and to give reassurance on the suitability of the SFRS plan.

UN Climate Change Conference COP26

HMFSI has been asked to carry out a reassurance exercise in autumn 2020 on the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s plans and preparedness for the COP26 Climate Change Conference.

This review will follow similar lines to that of the Brexit review, in order to give assurance that there is good evidence to support the SFRS strategic planning to deal with the event and manage any foreseeable issues which will arise from the Conference and at the same time deliver its statutory duties.

Northern Ireland

By agreement between the Scottish Government and the Northern Ireland Administration, the Chief Inspector provides professional advice and assistance to officials in Department of

Health and Public Safety and the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service on a wide range of fire and rescue matters.

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