HM Fire Service Inspectorate Annual Report 2019/20

HM Chief Inspector of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 2019-20 Annual Report

Our values are, Integrity, Objectivity and Fairness

Our guiding principles are that our Inspection Work is proportionate, accountable and transparent. There is a complementary relationship between the Inspectorate and Audit Scotland and with other Inspectorates and Agencies across the public sector to share specific expertise, or jointly examine important areas where SFRS works in partnership and contributes to shared outcomes. We co-ordinate our activities to reduce the burden of inspection and   avoid unnecessary duplication. Through our inspection work of the SFRS we offer professional challenge, highlight positive practice and make recommendations to support improvement of the Service.

In the normal course of our work we carry out two types of inspections.

Local Area Inspections

These Local Area Inspections (LAIs) look at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service delivery within the local areas and how the Service collaborates with external organisations.

Following the inspection and the publication of the Report, together with any recommendations, HMFSI carry out a programme of 6 monthly follow-up reviews. The purpose of this is to establish that suitable progress is being made by SFRS on the recommendations within the inspection report.

Thematic Inspections

Thematic Reviews relate to a more comprehensive inspection focusing on specific themes across the whole of Scotland.

They identify areas for development and provide a mechanism for addressing such areas, support and enhance the Service’s learning experience and make recommendations on areas of improvement and good practice. These Reports are laid before Parliament.

A structured follow up approach, similar to the LAIs reviews, has now been introduced for this type of Inspection. The timescale will vary and be influenced by the complexity of a report’s recommendations.



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